TheraPen™ was founded with the full vision to give the opportunity to our friends and family to improve the quality of their life, providing them with the best and easiest experience in the 'acupuncture' field.

Our mission as a brand is to give real value to our customers. We want every single one of our customers to be using a product that they really value. It's fine if someone purchased our pen just because they thought it was cool, but we want to each of our customers to feel special with their purchase.

So as TheraPen™ kept growing, we moved to different warehouses across the globe, so we could reach not just local, but international, by hiring a selected group of people to provide our customers with the best products following the fundamental core values that we have as a brand. TheraPen™ isn't some corporation out to get your money. We made this company to show you our innovative product with a realistic price that we think everyone needs to see!

By 2020, we are proud to offer our customers high quality products that embody our exceptional standards, but beyond our products, we always aim to convey a significance that will provide a smile and satisfaction to our customers!

The TheraPen Team